Loving God or Fearing God

For those of you that know me…you know I love to write! Writing is my passion…it’s what I enjoy doing. I’ve written devotions thanks to Ms. Toya that started an awesome online devotion group. As I picked up the devotion book that she printed with all the devotions that the team read and I look back over them…I’m still amazed…however, that was a lifetime ago…or so it seems…which brings me to the topic at hand today….and stay with me…cause this is not your lovely devotional…it’s real talk…real life!

So as everyone continues to tell me that I need to “turn back to God”! Trust that God has a plan for my life, etc, etc, etc…all things work together…etc, etc, etc…

I started to think about my “relationship” with God. As someone that was born and raised in the church as they say…I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t “love” God! (Stay with me before you dispatch the masses to call me and write me and tell me how could I say that – LOL)

I think I “fear” God…you fear what God is capable of doing. However, fear and love are two different things.

So how do you get to a place where you “love” God! Where you genuinely love God…you want to serve Him and you want to please Him because you love Him…not because you’re worried about going to Hell…but because you want to honor Him…you want to honor Him with your life…you want to honor Him in the things that you do…you only want to bring Him glory…again not because of fear of what could happen if you don’t but because you honestly love Him and want to do what He asks of you!

So my questions…do you love God…or do you fear God….I think it makes a difference!


One Response to “Loving God or Fearing God”

  1. I love god but as in any situation you some times hurt the ones you love. No one is perfect, if we were we would be god. The point is to keep trying to do better the next time. Never give up. Pray, ask for forgiveness and strength to resist temptation. Thank god he doesn’t give up in us for where would we be!!

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